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Yes, BAYLEEF, can be bred with DITTO.

actually, DITTO can virtually breed with any Pokemon excluding legendary Pokemon

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Q: Can Bayleaf be bred with Ditto in pokémon Gold?
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What do i get by breeding ditto and typhlosion?

Anything you brend with a Ditto will the baby evo of whatever you bred Ditto with. So you would get a Cyndaquil.

On leaf green if you get a Ditto and your starter will they hatch the other staters?

No it will hatch into the starter you bred ditto with.

What Pokemon cannot be bred in Pokemon Crystal?


Can you you get an Eevee egg with a flareon and ditto?

Yes, any of Eevee's evolutions and a ditto can be bred for an Eevee egg.

Does maniphy have phione eggs?

yes must be bred with Ditto

Can a Bulbasaur and ditto be bred together on soul silver?


Can a legendary Pokemon breed with a Ditto?

Only a Manaphy can be bred to make a Phione, all others can't be bred :(

Where can you find a ditto egg in pokefarm?

You can find a Ditto egg in the Lab, in the Shelter, in the Egg Supplier. Sadly, Dittos can't be bred.

Can you breed a stoutland with a Ditto in order to get the elemental fangs?

Yes, as long as the father is Stoutland. The mother will be Ditto and even though the mother is the child (same Pokemon), Ditto's cannot be bred.

Can latias breed with a Ditto?

Latias cannot be bred, which is the case for most legendary Pokemon.

Can you put latios in day care witt Ditto and get a egg?

No, Latios cannot be bred.

How do you bred a Pokemon?

put the Pokemon you want to breed and ditto in the daycare together and after a while there will be an egg. when you hatch the egg it will be the Pokemon you put in with ditto in its smallest form (ex. if you put charizard in with ditto you will get a charmander from the egg)