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yes i nedd it

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Q: Babel installation arror in bad boys 2 PC game error?
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Who were the secret society the Sons Of The Sun?

Those 'bad boys' were from ancient Babel, later to become the infamous Babylon, that den of iniquity destroyed by God in the book of Genesis, in the time of Moses. Nimrod, ruler of Babel was the original sun worshiper. He was the first leader of the Sons of the Sun.

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ERROR: "question is gender biased"

How many generations are there between Noah and his sons and the tower of Babel?

Really what your probably interested in is the generations in the Jewish line, right? Most of these other guys go off to form their own nations. Many associate Japheth's europeans, Ham's with Asian and African peoples, and Shem with Middle easterners. So we'll follow Shem in Gen 10. 1. Shem 2. Arpachshad. 3. Shelah 4. Eber (Where we get "Hebrew") 5. Joktan 6. (who has 13 boys). It is at this point that it switches into the story of the tower of babel. The rest of Gen. 11 looks at the geneology of Shem too except this time it follows the other son of Eber: Peleg. This might be because Joktan's kids played a big part in the tower. It mentions that they are living in the east and the plain of shinar where the tower of babel was is in the east. Who knows? But to answer your original question, my best guess is 6 generations between Noah and the tower of Babel.

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