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yes there is

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Q: Are there game websites that don't use flash?
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Is there websites that dont need flash player?

Most of the websites that I know require flash player, but I know 3 sites that you don't have to. One website is You have to make an account though.........If you do sign up use JFalcon413 as a referrer. The other is but I see it as more of a game for boys, because you have to conquer the whole world in the game and there is a lot of waiting for buildings to be built......My username is DominusMessor. The last game is I played it before but my computer lags so I quit the game.......

How do you move in i dont even game?

You use the arrow keys, if it doesnt work, you might need to update your flash player

Where do you use flash player?

You use flash player alot while on the internet. You use it alot on flash websites. Like online gaming, you'd most likely need to use Shockwave or Flash Player.

What is the HTML source of the flash game Mighty Guy?

"Mighty Guy" is a flash game - it does not use HTML.

Which anime sites dont use flash player?

What the best software to use for flash gaming?

I dont know answer

What websites are there that can play free music without using adobe flash player?

Pandora, I think does not use Adobe Flash.

What is one disadvantage of Adobe Flash?

If it's used in websites the users need to have the Flash player installed to view/use it.

Why do some websites not come out on iPad?

Websites that use browser detection and do not have a profile for IOS devices may note display content. Websites that use Adobe Flash for presenting elements, photos, games etc. within the site will not work, since the iPad does not have Flash.

How do you use flash in spearpiller to get arceus?

you dont you youse the azura flute.

How do you become a stick game maker?

Learn flash and use it to create a game.

Do you use flash when you are in the regice cave?

i dont remember if u use flash you don't need to use it any way. you just go straight if it isn in ruby/sapphire/emerald