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You use the arrow keys, if it doesnt work, you might need to update your flash player

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Q: How do you move in i dont even game?
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How do you move on i don't even game?

Ah that game called i dont even... Yeah, sometimes its hard, but you move just like you do in any other game (w,a,s,d and/or arrow keys). If that doesn't work then there's something wrong with your keyboard XD

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How do you get past the wall in the i dont even game?

just type A

How do you get past the ghost king in i dont even game?

you need to take CTRL from him ;)

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no. Only LBP 2 can even use the move, but you do not have to use the Move for that game

How do you get past the first ghost on i dont even game?

you press 1

How do you slide on i dont even game?

You run and then hold the back arrow.

What is the code to the core on you dont even game?

You have to type in a code which is "nchsbdfuiqbwibdaksbcxbyoqv".

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how am i supposed to know i dont even know wat dey r

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