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Actually, there is a glitch for money. If you make the rooms as big as you can and then exit out of the app without paying for the rooms when you go back in you'll have gotten them for free and when you shrink the rooms back down you will get a profit.

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No there's no cheats for sims 3 ambitions for iPhone

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Q: Are there any cheats for the sims 3 ambitions on iPhone?
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Are there any cheats for the sims 3 Ambitions ipod touch?

Yes there are! Click on the ... in the corner. Next press Gardening Tips. Then SHAKE your iPod Touch or iPhone and you'll get 500 Simoleons! Use this as many times as possible!THIS ONLY WORKS ON SIMS 3 NOT SIMS 3 AMBITIONS!

Is there any cheats for the sims 3 world adventures for the iphone or ipod touch?

I think there are any but if you have Sims 3 or Sims 3 ambitions you can click on the menu, go into gardening tips and then shake your device and it gives you lots of free Sims moneyand you can do it as many times as you want.

Can you talk to the nanny on sims 3 ambitions iPhone?

You cannot perform any actions on the nanny at all so you can't talk to her sorry):

Can you have kids on The Sims 3 ambitions?

yes you can you can have kids on any of the sims games.

Is there any new clothing in the sims 3 ambitions?


Are there any cheats for My Sims Kingdom?

There are no My Sims Kingdom cheats. But there are some for clothes. But not for gameplay. this is from Ceryscola..... what r the cheats for clothes?

Are there any cheats for the Sims 3 ambitions on the ipod touch?

Money cheat this only works if your iPod is jail broken check out YouTube and got to the zombie singer and u will show you

Are their any cheats for sims 3 world tour on the iPod touch?

Unfortunately not, it's quite hard making cheats for iphone/ipod touch games since they don't have a real keyboard

How old do your kids get on sims ambitions?

In The Sims 3: Ambitions, children age up the same way they would as in the base game or if you had any other expansion packs.

What is a lot on sims 3 ambitions?

a lot is any house or building.

How do you use a cheat on sims 3 ambitions for iPod touch?

I don't think there is any cheats part from trying to get a promotion but if you keep completing the thing to get a promotion you will earn lots of money if that's what you need :)

Is there any cheats for sims 3?