Any cheats for Sims 2 pets for GBA?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Q: Any cheats for Sims 2 pets for GBA?
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Can your pets have babies on sims 2 pets for gba?

no. on the sims 2 pets for the computer yes

How do you get the cheat gnome in the sims bustin out for gba and what are the cheats?

Here is my suggestion. Look on cheat code websites! they aren't very informative though. Just search "The Sims Bustin' out cheats (Gameboy) I am not POSITIVE you will find it, or if it even exists. i have the GBA game too and i just don't worry about it that much.

Can sims bustin out on the gba have kids?

For GBA no.

How do you catch any Pokemon?

visual boy advance:using gameshark or codebreaker cheats/ gba or gbc:you cant do that in gba and gbc

How do you use cheats in a GBA emulator?

easy click cheats and get your cheats

Can you download a gba games in your action replay?

A GBA action replay can have GBA cheats, but you can't put GBA cheats on an Action Replay DS even if you intend to use it on a regular DS with a GBA slot.

How do sims have babies in sims busting out for the gba?

You can't soz :(

Is there any way you can have a boyfriend in sims 2 ds without putting in the gba game?


In Sims Busting out can you have stairs?

No. You cannot have stairs for ANY of the Sims games on platforms PS2, Xbox, DS and GBA. You can however on PC. yes you can on sims 3 you can and on the pregnant one do you even have sims?

How do you get Deoxys in Pokemon Emerald GBA?


Are there any cheats for Pokemon ruby GBA?

There are no cheats for the GBA game but there are ways off catching rare Pokemon. Let me explain To catch : Ralts ( very hard to find ) Search the grass just after the fifth GYM leaders town ( your dads GYM)

On Sims 2 Pets for GBA I have selected the ghost and unghost scrolls from my inventory but cannot find them when I go to teach them to my pet so how do you teach them these tricks?

First, you do "Yoga," then you can do "Ghost" and "Unghost."