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yah here it is:94000130 fffb0000

0219fb38 0098967f

d2000000 00000000
i dont no of any other cheats so hope it works

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Q: Are there action replay codes for Sid Meier's Civilization Revolution money?
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What is sid meier's Civilization revolution game code and id?

put game in action replay and in bottom left hand screen it will tell you a code and that's the game id

Is there an Action Replay code for Pokemon Battle Revolution that show is your secret id?

no! you wish jellyfish

Is there a 2008 Action Replay?

Their is no 2008 Action Replay. Action Replays are only for once certain console. If you wanted a GBA Action Replay buy the GBA Action Replay. DS Action Replay get the DS Action Replay.

Which is better Action Replay or Action Replay max duo?

Action Replay max

Pokemon Diamond ans Pearl How do you put in?

you need action replay or gameshark but action replay is better you need action replay or gameshark but action replay is better you need action replay

What are some Action Replay questions for Emerald Version of Pokemon?

Some common questions for Action Replay are: Where can I buy an Action Replay? How do I use an Action replay? What items and Pokemon can I get off of an Action Replay? Should I use and Action Replay or a Gameshark? Is it easy to use an Action Replay? Do I have to enter in long codes for an Action Replay to give me what I want like I have to on a Codebreaker?

How do you find Action Replay page?

You find action replay pages by searching action replay.

How do you get the action replay in pokemon daimond?

to get action replay you need to have an action replay ds unfortunatly u need to buy an action replay ds

How do you cheat to get lots of rare candy in soulsilver?

"""""""""""""" use action replay """""""""""""" use action replay """""""""""""" use action replay """""""""""""" use action replay

How do you add cheats to action replay?

Install the Action Replay software on your PCRun the Action Replay ProgramConnect your Action Replay to your PC via USBDownload a new cheats file and add it to your Action Replay.

Do you have to have action replay ds 2009 to get Pokemon platinum on action replay?

NO FREAKING WAY! You just go to the action replay manager and update your action replay.

How can you download action replay cheats onto utimate action replay for Pokemon?

you can't. the codes for action replay are diffent form utimate action replay