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Yes, they are. The Forbidden One pieces are restricted to one each, for both formats.

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Q: Are the exodia cards legal in a tournament?
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Is exodia stronger than the god cards?

No. The god cards are stronger than Exodia.

What is the difference between Exodia and Dark Big Rabbi in the Yu-Gi-Oh Card Game?

The only legal, legitimate 'Exodia' cards are the five '..the Forbidden One' cards, 'Exodius the Ultimate Forbidden Lord', 'Exodia Necross', and 'Exxod, Master of the Guard' (who is Exodia's ultimate defence aspect, rather than ultimate attack). Any other thing that resembles him is a fake, including oddly named cards like "Darkly Big Rabbi" and "Exodia the Dark Master".

Are Knights VS dragons duel decks tournament legal in standard format?

No. There are cards in the duel decks that are not standard tournament legal.

How many cards are in a legal Pokemon tournament deck?


Are god cards tournament legal?

No. God Cards are not legal game cards, so cannot be used in tournaments.There are a few legal god cards like ra and obelisk but not slifer not yet

Who is stronger the egiptiyan gods or exodia?

The god cards are stronger than Exodia

Which booster pack has the Exodia cards?

The Exodia cards can be found in the booster packs Legend of the White Dragon and Dark Beginning 1.

Is exodia a god card?

No, none of the five Exodia cards are considered god cards. They are not illegal in any form of play, they are Limited.

What is the perfect exodia deck?

it is where the owner of the deck has all 5 Exodia cards and just other random monster cards, you must have at least 10 monster reborn spell cards aswell, you must also have a further 10 change of hearts cards, and then some other cards similar 2 these ones (the spell cards) you wait until you have all 5 exodia cards in your hand, if you have 2 out out one of the exodia cards then let it get killed and then wait until you have 4 of the exodia cards put them out on the field ONLY AFTER you have summoned back using a monster reborn card the one that died, this is a bit hard 2 explain since i ain't used my exodia deck in ages but to those yugioh players that are sly, cunning and witty you will figure most of it out or look up bistro butcher exodia deck

Is there a Yu-Gi-Oh card called exodia?

There is no card called simply 'Exodia' or one that represents his complete form, apart from Exodia-like cards such as Exodius. Exodia is represented by five cards of his sealed body parts, ie "Left Leg of the Forbidden One" is one of his limbs, while "Exodia the Forbidden One" is his head.

Does yugi ever reposes the five cards of exodia?


In yugioh do you think they should be able to restrict cards and if so then shouldn't it just be the unbeatable cards like the god cards and exodia?

AnswerThis depends upon several things. First of all, Certain cards have been restricted because the game has become a LOT more complex over the years. Some of the more powerful cards have been replaced with less powerful versions of themselves. And so-called "Unbeatable" cards are rare.The Egyptian God Cards ARE not Tournament-Legal!! They do not have the qualities that certain other cards possess, such as a legal Type/Attribute, and the Official Konami/Yu-Gi-Oh! Seal on the back of the card.Exodia is NOT "Unbeatable" because you have to draw ALL 5 pieces of it in order to win ONE out of 3 duels in a Tournament Match. A Tournament-Legal Deck usually has 40 cards, so the odds of drawing ALL five pieces of Exodia aren't actually in the player's favor. Therefore, the Exodia pieces aren't forbidden. Some cards just are. I'm not sure why they pick certain cards out, but that's just the way the game is. It's complex.AnswerAs the game became more advanced over the years, less powerful cards replaced the more powerful ones, such as Monster Reborn, which was replaced with Premature Burial and Call Of The Haunted. Some of the game's ORIGINAL cards are still Tournament Legal, because they don't create player advantages or "godding".Answer Well there are reasons behind some bans, like Chaos Emperor Dragon because of the person who made Yata-Lock so the opponent had no hand and couldn't draw, and the person who used Butterfly Dagger - Elma with Gearfried the Iron Knight and Spell Absorption for infinite life points. I'll agree that some bans are not needed but there's usually a good reason for the bans.