Are sonic and Mario friends

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Back in the days SEGA and Nintendo were like mortal enemies. But Sonic and Mario were concidered to be enemies. But know like in the 2006 and up, Nintendo and SEGA teamed up and that's how sonic came in Brawl and Mario and sonic at the olympic games was made. And that means Mario and Sonic are friends.

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Q: Are sonic and Mario friends
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Is sonic friends with Mario?

In Many Terms, No. But In The 3 Mario And Sonic At The Olympic Games, They Seem To Be Friends. They Are Also Seen Friends With Eatchover In Plushie Videos Including Moviemowdown.

Is Mario sonics rival?

Mario and Sonic have always been rivals but also good friends.

Are Mario and sonic rivals?

Well Mario and Sonic are rivals but they still like each other as friends so basically they just compete each other like in Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games that's all

What games are better Mario games or Sonic games?

Generally, that's an opinionated question and each person would answer that differently. I myself prefer Sonic games, but I have several friends who prefer Mario.

Is Mario and sonic at the Olympics good for ds?

One of my friends had Mario and Sonic the Olympic games for the DS, and he says it's only minigames and it has nothing to do with the olympics, so probably not.

Who is the best at making friends Mario or sonic?

How is anyone supposed to know this. Who asks these questions.

Who is stornger Mario or sonic?

Mario has superior strength in comparison to Sonic however Sonic is faster than Mario.

What is sonic and Mario fusion?

Mario and sonic fusion is sarioc

Do you like Sonic or Mario?

Sonic because he was made first and Mario is trying to copy him... Sonic > Mario, in a lot of peoples minds.

What Mario or sonic games or movies are currently out?

Sonic Generations, Mario and Sonic at the Olimpic games, Sonic and the Black Knight

Has Mario met Sonic?

yes in mario and sonic in the olimpipic games

Will Mario kill sonic?

No Mario will never kill Sonic. Never!