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good question I think in the first sonic and mario game,or YouTube

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Q: When did Mario and Sonic meet the first time?
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Is Baby Mario Mario's son?

NO!He is himself. Sometimes they meet, for example in Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time (NDS).Mario and himself from the past are meeting in the game.

Is sonic and tails better than Mario and luigi?

In my opion I think sonic and tails are better than Mario and Luigi because 1 Mario is a bit fat annoying. His games are fun but not as much as sonic just my opion. Sonic and tails get annoying to like in sonic x and sonic 06. But Mario is like all the time like,"Lets a go". And that drives me crazy. Sonic x is annoying because of 1 big reason, it's Chris. Chris is so obsessed with sonic and in episode 26 he cries because sonic gets almost killed by egghead because foolish knuckles and Chris all the chaos emeralds but who watches that show. So sonic is faster and stronger when he's in chaos control so sonic wins. =)

How do you unlock super Sonic in Sonic the Fighters?

It's pretty hard. Select Sonic and play through the game without losing a single match until you meet Metal Sonic. Beat Metal Sonic on the first round. At any time during the second round, initiate hyper-mode and Sonic will become Super.You must defeat all of your opponents without losing once. Then, when you fight Metal Sonic (round 2), activate hyper mode and he will become Super Sonic.

How did Amy Rose fall in love with Sonic the Hedgehog?

She fell in love with Sonic The Hedgehog after Sonic saved her for the very first time. (This was back in the Comic Series)

Is baby Mario peach's son?

No baby Mario is from when Mario and luigi go back in time and meet themselves in the past in Mario and luigi partners in time for Nintendo DS.

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What was the first game both Mario and sonic appeared in?

Belive it or not, the first time Mario and Sonic appeared in the same Video game was Sega's Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games made in 2007

How does sonic meet shadow?

well the first time they met sonic called shadow a faker and then they fought

What series and episode does Amy and sonic first meet ever?

Amy wasn't created until after that show was over.He does meet a female hedgehog in episode 4 named Breezy though.

Who is gay sonic or Mario?

Time to call your mama... After a bit of research, it seems that you are the one who is gay. I think Sonic is the gay one because he keeps on staring at Tails while Mario stares at Peach. Sonic is gay mario is not mario touches peach's ***

When will Nintendo release Mario Galaxy and when will the next Sonic the hedgehog game come out?

Mario Galaxy is already out on Nintendo Wii. From the time you typed this question, I'm guessing it was sometime last year so here's the sonic game that's come out since then: Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games. It's where Sonic and Mario clash for the first time and play in the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games.It's for Nintendo Wii and Nintendo DS. It's a pretty cool game, you should try it.

Is silver in Mario and sonic at the winter games?

yes he is the 1st time you see him is in polastras.

Is Mario peach's son?

No baby Mario is from when Mario and luigi go back in time and meet themselves in the past in Mario and luigi partners in time for Nintendo DS.

Is Mario btter than sonic?

In a fight? No. Sonic would spin dash Mario's head off before he had time to blink, let alone use a mushroom or star. In popularity? Polls are usually split 50/50, so it would be a tie. Mario is way better than Sonic. That's why the Mario series is in the lead and always will be.

Is Sonic from Nintendo or Sega?

Sonic is a Sega creation and was for a long time the major rival for Nintendo's Mario.

Is Sonic better than Mario?

Definitly!!!!!!!!!!!! Sonic has way better merchendice and way more camoes.Do you know why Sonic has more fakes then Mario???Because Sonic is better and makes more money!I hate u all who say Mario is better because hes not.Mario is a darn plumer.Hes just a plain old humun when sonic is a awesome blue super fast hedgehog who is more funny and likes chilidogs way more.Sonic has so many freinds and all Mario has is his stupid brother luigi.So Sonic is better and has more fans.Sega is better and Sonic wins most all of the Sonic vs marios and if Mario wins a bad thing happens to him!!!SO BOOYAH SONIC IS WAY BETTER THEN MARIO NO EDITING CAUSE ITS ALL TRUE. SonicXMiles i agree with you. sonic also has more advenures than Mario. Dominic Anderson It's all a matter of opinion really. Personally I think Sonic is the better character. The Sonic series has sold over 75 million copies worldwide, so the majority of that number would tell you Sonic is better. yep over 1,000,000,000,000 thousand love him sonic is fast he turn super i know im a girl but i also am a sonic fan i use to love Mario but Mario got old to me and sonic is like my new hero go sonic I DEFINETLY agree with the people above. And I have lots of reasons why Sonic is waaay better than Mario. Mario's punching strength and all that will get dodged by Sonic's speed. Sonic's music is WAAAAAAAY better than Mario music especially Sonic's His World Instrumental. Sonic is faster than Mario's Kart. Sonic has more characters in the series. Mario games are stupid they almost have Bowser as the bad guy in every game BORING!!! Sonic has way better story lines in the games. Sonic has better anime Sonic has a further long jump than Mario - The faster Sonic get the longer his jump will be. Mario makes weird noises when he fights. Mario's appearance hasn't changed much - he still looks fat. In Super Smash Bros. Brawl, Mario's final smash is so easy to dodge, you just have to jump over the flames. Mario is more gullible than Sonic. Mario games can only be played on Nintendo consoles - Sonic can be played on any. Sonic games last longer than Mario's. America voted Sonic better than Mario in the 90's Sonic was also voted best in Super Smash Bros. Brawl. That's all my reasons. REMEMBER SONIC IS WAAAY BETTER THAN MARIO. I agree and disagree with all of you. Although the actual character sonic is way cooler and i like almost all the sonic games better, I think New Super Mario Bros better then any sonic game i have ever played! Mario is better for the following reasons: The Mario Series has sold 240 MILLION copies worldwide, while the Sonic series has sold only 80 million copies worldwide. The "spines" on Sonic's back only look like strange growths... Mario's cape in SSBB can deflect 95% of attacks. Mario's games are more original and fun to play; Sonic games get boring within the first 3 days. Most of the Sonic characters are ANIMALS, which are supposed to be inferior. Mario has been the top video game series in terms of sales for a VERY long time. If you compare multiplayer games, you'll find Mario games much more enjoyable with family/friends than Sonic multiplayer games. The color in Sonic games are dull. (only exception is pretty much Sonic Colors.) Mario can pull better spin-off games than Sonic. Prime Example: Mario Kart. Mario's powers are also more original; Running fast is Sonic's main power, which isn't original. Mario games receive better scores on IGN, Metacritic, etc. Sonic's games have gone downhill; all of the 3D games that Sonic's in suck. The classic games were way better. STOP DELETING THIS LIST.

Is Luigi's Mansion a prequel or sequel?

Neither. It is believed to be a sequel to Super Mario Sunshine because the first time Mario and King Boo meet is in that game. In Luigi's Mansion, King Boo says he is getting revenge on Mario.

Is Baby Mario Mario's son?

NO!He is himself. Sometimes they meet, for example in Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time (NDS).Mario and himself from the past are meeting in the game.