Are fake pokemon games fun

Updated: 4/28/2022
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yes because the fake Pokemon games give a great variety of fake Pokemon that you have not seen before. Plus the fake Pokemon games have different stories then the original games that is why i prefer hacked or fake Pokemon games better the the original games.

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Q: Are fake pokemon games fun
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Can you trade from a fake Pokemon game like Pokemon'' shiny gold'' to Pokemon ''emerald'' which is a real Pokemon game?

Its possible I traded Teddiursa from a fake game called Pokemon Naranja to Pokemon sapphire. Yes, it could be done. Naranja is not fake it is the spanish version of Pokemon emerald. The fake games are constructed from the versions. People take the games, modify them with programs, out it on a cartridge, and there you go. I'm working on one right now. Not for money. Just for fun. Using ruby as a base.

Is shiny gold is fake?

The Pokemon game Shiny Gold is a fake, however, it is worthwhile playing, as reviewers have said. I haven't actually played it, and I usually am against fake games, but this game seriously looked fun! ;p

Are some Pokemon games fake?


What are fun Pokemon RPG games?

check they have lots of Pokemon rpg games

How many fake Pokemon game versions have been created and sold and what are they?

There is a lot of fake Pokemon games, Pokemon chaos black, idengo. there is hundreds of more.

What are some fun online Pokemon games?

Pokemon vortex and Pokemon indigo.

Why is Pokemon awesome?

it is addicting and the games are fun

Can you trade Pokemon with a fake ds game with a real one or can you trade international with fake Pokemon diamond game ds?

DON'T. DO. THIS. Trading pokemon between real and fake games will usually destroy both the real and fake game's save files. I REPEAT DON'T DO IT. I lost my Pokemon Pearl and my fake Pokemon Diamond because of this :(

How can you catch Cresselia in Pokemon deluge?

Sorry to say it but your games fake no such thing as Pokemon dwluge!

What are some fun online free Pokemon games? and!!!!!!Have fun.

Why is everyone liying about mewthree?

They have been playing the fake Pokemon games!

What is latiosa?

Latiosa is a fake / hacked Pokemon that's not in actual games.