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sorry mate Pokemon indigo is a fake game so the people who made it most probably didn't put a exp share in the game at all.Stupid fake games eh?

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Q: How do you give your Pokemon exp share in Pokemon indigo?
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How do you exp share?

give the exp share to a weak Pokemon when you use any Pokemon to fight exp goes to the fighting Pokemon and the 1 with the exp share.

Is there a exp share in Pokemon Crystal?

Yes. Give a red scale to Mr. Pokemon and he will give you EXP Share.

What is exp share in heart gold?

Its a item that you give to a Pokemon and it gives the Pokemon that you gave the exp share to exp points to help a Pokemon gain levels

How do you get the exp share in Pokemon emraled?

you tell the devon owner you delivered the letter he will give you the exp share

In Pokemon emerald how to use EXP Share?

All you have to do is just put a pokemon (preferrably a level 100, or at least your highest leveled pokemon) in the front of your party, and give the pokemon you want to train up the exp. share. Then it will get a share of the exp. points. The reason you would want a level 100 in front is because then the pokemon holding the experience share will get 100% of the exp.

How do you get exp quicly in pearl?

you could switch Pokemon in battle then all Pokemon that battled get exp or you could get the exp share and give it to one of your Pokemon

How do you get th exp share in hg?

When you get a red scale from gyardos, Mr. Pokemon will want it.Go to his house and give it to him and he will give you the exp. share.

Exp share Pokemon pearl?

Once you get 35 Pokemon in your PokeDex, Prof. Rowan's aid will give you the Exp. Share in Eterna City's gatehouse.

Can you buy exp share in emerald?

After you give Steven the letter go back and the President guy will give one to you:)

If you use a lvl 100 Pokemon through the elite four then put an exp share onto another Pokemon not 100 what will happen to exp?

The exp share will give only the other Pokemon exp not the 100 because it is impossible to gain exp on a 100.

How does the EXP share work in Pokemon LeafGreen?

Well, you give it to a Pokemon in your party. Then when any other Pokemon in your team defeats an opponents Pokemon, the Pokemon with exp share gets part of the experience points you get for defeating the opponents Pokemon. e.g. You give the exp share to charmander your Blastoise defeats a Zubat. You get 500 exp total, whcih is divided between charmander and Blastoise.

How do you get the experience share in Pokemon Gold?

You change the red scales with mr Pokemon and he will give you the exp share. You give the red scale you get from the lake of rage to the guy who gave you the togepi egg in the beginning of the game, and he will give you the exp share.