What is exp share in heart gold?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Its a item that you give to a Pokemon and it gives the Pokemon that you gave the exp share to exp points to help a Pokemon gain levels

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Q: What is exp share in heart gold?
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Where is a good spot to train Pokemon in Pokemon heart gold?

at victory road.(especially donphan, it will give you 890 exp. points while you're pokemon holding an exp. share)

How do you get exp share on Pokemon haert gold?

you get the gyrados scale after defeating or capturing the red gyrados,then if you show it to mr pokemon,he'll trade it for an exp share

How do you win exp share in Pokemon lottery in Pokemon gold?

If the last 3 digits match you get exp share. The more IDs you have in your boxes the higher chance you have of winning

Where can you get exp share in Pokemon gold silver and crystal?

You trade the red scale to Mr.Pokemon for the EXP Share. You get the red scale from the red Gyrados in the Lake of Rage. Hope it helped. =D

Where to get exp share Pokemon Gold?

When you defeat the red GYARADOS in the lake of rage you will find a RED SCALE in your pack.Go to Mr.Pokemon's house and give him the red scale and in return he will give you EXP. SHARE.

How do you exp share?

give the exp share to a weak Pokemon when you use any Pokemon to fight exp goes to the fighting Pokemon and the 1 with the exp share.

How do you get the experience share in Pokemon Gold?

You change the red scales with mr Pokemon and he will give you the exp share. You give the red scale you get from the lake of rage to the guy who gave you the togepi egg in the beginning of the game, and he will give you the exp share.

Where to get a exp share in HeartGold?

You can get a exp share in Pokemon heart gold after beating red by the way red is very strong all his Pokemon are either level 80 or higher the highest is BLASTOISE lv 88 he has no weakness as he knows blizzard hope this helps c ya By winning the lottery drawing in Goldenrod you can get an exp share, or by giving the red scale (You receive this after defeating the red gyrados) to Mr. Pokemon who is north of route 30

How much exp do you get from an exp share?

Half of the exp is given to the Pokemon who has the exp share normally If it is a double battle and the exp share holder is battling he gets 3/4 of the exp If he is not he gets a half and the other 2 battling get 1/4 From: experience

Does exp share affect stats?

No, Only Exp.

Does Exp. Share work on Shadow Pokemon?

an exp. share works on any pokemon your welcome

Where is a good place to train in Pokemon Heart Gold that will give you exp fast?

The best place to get exp fast is cerulean cave where you find Mewtwo. Hope i helped.