Is shiny gold is fake

Updated: 4/28/2022
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The Pokemon game Shiny Gold is a fake, however, it is worthwhile playing, as reviewers have said. I haven't actually played it, and I usually am against fake games, but this game seriously looked fun! ;p

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Q: Is shiny gold is fake
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If Pokemon shiny gold version is a fake how come they have videos of it on YouTube?

You can get shiny gold in asia.Im in the phillipeans and i got shiny gold in the it for3 dollars american

Is Pokemon Gold fake?

No, Pokèmon Gold is a real game for the Gameboy Color. Shiny Gold is a fake fan created spin-off.

Can you trade from a fake Pokemon game like pokemon'' shiny gold'' to Pokemon ''sappire'' which is a real Pokemon game?


How do you identify gold jewelry?

Real gold is brighter and more shiny than the fake one.A small tip is that you can take a strand of hair and you rub it with the golden jewelery and if it is attracted/attached to it,then it is a real one.If not,then it is a fake one.

Where can you get Pokemon in shiny gold?

1. if you want toplay shiny gold you must download it because it's a hacked game by Zel. 2. if you want an remake of gold/silver you have to wait till November 09 in japan i don't know for USA 3. the names of gold/silver remakes are called Pokemon shiny gold Pokemon soul silver Pokemon heart gold And shiny gold is not and real game its a hack of fire red 4. the magazine that says the gold/silver remake that's fake.

Is gold shiny or dull?


In my Pokemon shiny gold version it keeps on saying men at work end of preview on the Pokemon league reception center How do you I get rid of it?

You cannot. Shiny Gold is a modified version of Pokemon Gold made by a fan. They have placed them characters there as a placeholder until they update the game. To remove them you will need to check if a new version of the ROM has been released yet.

Why is fake gold called fools gold?

Fake gold is called "fool's gold" because it is often mistaken for real gold by inexperienced prospectors and those who are not knowledgeable about minerals. The scientific name for fool's gold is iron pyrite, and its shiny appearance can easily trick people into thinking it is genuine gold.

How do you evolve Graveler in shiny gold?

IT evolves at level 40 only in shiny gold

How can gravelers evolve in to golem in shiny gold?

At level 40 only in shiny gold

Why do girls like jewelry?

because some people like shiny things and jewellery is shiny and when i say shiny i mean shiny i mean silver and gold

What color is shiny Eevee?

Shiny eevee is silver a cool color for it u can name a shiny one silver and nonshiny gold because the non shiny is kind of gold