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The UK server are yes, also Jagex is an English company.

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Q: Are Runescape servers based in England?
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Is it illegal to play Runescape Private Servers?

No, because the private servers aren't linked to Runescape at all.

What happens when you exit RuneScape?

Your Account and your IP get logged off the Runescape servers.

What are The Colour-Shade Codes for Yell in Runescape Private Servers?

Private Servers are illegal

Can administrators pk on runescape private servers?


Are private servers in RuneScape leagal?

According to Jagex ( The creators of Runescape ) they are not, they violate copyright rules.

Where can I find an active listing of private Runescape servers?

Runelocus has a list of six private Runescape servers that are active. Runescapeservers is a net site that lists hundreds of private servers. Each has a short description of their performance.

What is the code for dragon platebody on runescape private servers?


What are some RuneScape classic private servers?

Well there are not many Runescape Classic Private Servers, but luckily you can download one called "RSCAngel". Go to Runescape 2 Private Servers are illegal, but the two most popular ones are Moparscape, and Frugooscape*. *Frugooscape got sued, and are no longer providing a Runescape 2 Private server.

Is client safe the runescape private servers one?

Runescape private servers may or may not be safe. Malicious code can easily be attached to the client. The only safe Runescape client is the official game client supported by Jagex.

What country was RuneScape made in?

Runescape was made in England.

What are the co-owner commands for runescape private servers?

try looking on a runescape private server for that kind of information.

Are there any runescape private servers where anyone can use overloads?


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