Are Pokemon a waste of time?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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They are most definitely NOT of course! Why would anyone think they are?

They are NOT a waste of time. I always think Pokemon are the greater of all!
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Q: Are Pokemon a waste of time?
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What do you get after you see every Pokemon in Pokemon Pearl?

you buy an action replay then you waste your time on stupid websites like this

Should you delete all your Pokemon and start a new game?

yes you should because pokemon is a waste of time pokey man

How do you marshmellos in Pokemon LeafGreen?

you can not roast marsh mellos on leaf green or any Pokemon game this is a stupid question and a waste of my time

How do you get all Pokemon for Pokemon ranger with action replay?

Look. YOU can't have Pokemon on Pokemon ranger. You only use them once and then you release them. I would not waste my time looking 4 a code.

What happens when you beat the elite four in Pokemon fire 200 times?

Nothing. Don't waste your time.

What do Christians think about Pokemon?

Christians who are progressive don't mind Pokemon at all. However, some fundamentalist Christian groups view games such as Pokemon as a waste of time, or even evil.

What Pokemon evolve at certain levels?

Most Pokemon evolve by levelling up. It would be a waste of time to list all of the ones that evolve at certain levels.

Where can you Capture a Omynite in Pokemon LeafGreen?

stop playing pokemon and go outside or pick up a book, seriously don't waste your time with useless games

Where is misty in LeafGreen Pokemon?

she is in cerulean city. her Pokemon are as follows: staryu and starmie they are going to use water pulse this question was a waste of my time play the game and you will find out

What level does Budew evolve?

Budew is a hippie pokemon, and evolves with freindship. Personally I think the whole "evolve with friendship" is BS! Pokemon is just a waste of my f***in time!

Action replay cheats for pokemon heartgold?

look it up on google im not gonna waste my time copying and pasting

How do you get a jirachi in Pokemon dimond?

beat the Pokemon league 100 times in a row ...don't listen to him. he just wants to waste u'r time. and 4 the answer...action replay (which i don't have)