Are Macs good gaming computers

Updated: 4/28/2022
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No. There are not many games that work with mac, and modding them as well as downloading content for them is nigh impossible with mac. Use PC for gaming. Macintosh computers are only good if you are not very adept at using computers.

2nd Answer:

Ummmm, Macs are superb fast computers that will easily network with other Macs, and are very trouble-free compared to PCs. Because of their robust natures, Macs are "The" choice of people doing a lot of graphics work. Being'adept' at computers is true because Macs' operating systems and user interfaces are so well designed that you do not have to be a computer mechanic to use one.

But as the first answerer said, not a gaming machine.

Alternatively - back in the real world:

Macs are great gaming computers. With a wide range of games available to buy and portals such as On Live and Steam further expanding the options available (See links below). If really desperate you can downgrade a Mac by running Windows on it and playing games that may only be available for Windows.

My second opinion, the good one:

Macs are simply too concrete to give me the flexibility i want with a computer, and i build my computers, which is harder with the inflexibility of mac. So i still believe PC is superior.

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Q: Are Macs good gaming computers
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