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Yes! you will need waterfall after beating Wallace the eighth gym leader use it in meteor falls to find bagon (dragon type) (highly recommended!!!) and there is also trapinch (ground type) (find in desert ruins) which evolves into virbrava at level 35 (dragon-ground type) and at level 45 it will evolve into flygon (dragon-ground type) (highly recommended!!!)

last but not least you can catch swablu on route 114 south of fallabor town, but he is only! flying type, you have to evolve him into alteria which is dragon-flying type at level 35

and later on in the game after you have beaten the elite 4 only (in ruby and sapphire)

you can catch rayquaza :)

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Q: Are Dragon Pokemon in Pokemon sapphire version on Game Boy Advance SP?
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Where do you get dragon pulse on Pokemon sapphire version on Game Boy Advance SP?

dragon pulse isn't available in sapphire as it arrived in generation four. sapphire's TM's go up to 50. anything that you see after 50 in gen 4 isn't a TM in sapphire

On Pokemon sapphire what is the 180th pokdex on sapphire?

it is a dragon type Pokemon gym

What dragon Pokemon are in Pokemon sapphire?

Bagon, Altaria, Rayquaza.

How do you defeat a flying-dragon type Pokemon in Pokemon sapphire?

Dragon vs dragon is super effective :D

How do you get a dragon scale in Pokemon sapphire?

catch a dragon Pokemon such as horsea and Bagon until you get one holding a dragon scale.

Where do you get a dragon scale in Pokemon sapphire version on Game Boy Advance SP?

either catch bagons (smallest room in meteor falls) or horsea(left of pacifidlog) there is a 5% chance of catching one with a dragon scale. Attach the dragon scale to a seadra and trade it to get a kingdra.Also if you have a Pokemon that knows covet I recommend using it. That way you don't have to waste pokeballs catching Horseas (or Bagons) you don't need.

What level does Seadra evolve into Kingdra in Pokemon sapphire version?

you need to give seadra a dragon scale (which you can obtain by catching or using thief on some dragon Pokemon (bagon for instance) and theres a chance that they will be holding a dragon scale) and then you trade your seadra holding the dragon scale and voila you have a kingdra

Where do you find latios in Sapphire?

Latios is a dragon and psychic type of Pokemon. In Pokemon Sapphire, you can find him roaming around in random locations.

What pokemon evolve by trading in sapphire?

Seadra holding a dragon scaleMachokeKadabraClamperlDuskullFeebasGraveler

Who is the best dragon type Pokemon in Emerald?

The strongest dragon type in pokemon Emerald, Sapphire and Ruby, is the legendary pokemon Rayquaza. In terms of non-legendary pokemon, both salamance and flygon are strong dragon types.

Which Pokemon is the best to beat the elite four in sapphire?

any level 100 Pokemon that is a dragon type

What types are the Pokemon league in Pokemon sapphire?

Dark, Ghost, Water and Ice, Dragon, Steel and Rock and Ground.