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Q: Arceus level 100 code for Pokemon diamond?
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Action replay codes to rebattle Arceus in Pokemon diamond ds?

There is no current code yet for rebattling arceus but if you have the Pokemon modifier code just throw away no master balls and you will run into arceus where you can encounter Pokemon

How to access the Arceus code in Pokemon diamond?

the only way to get arceus is via a mystery vent in japan only sorry

What are the letters and numbers for the Arceus code on the DS action repaly for Pokemon diamond version for DS?

What Do you want? Azure flute to get arceus or arceus (can be shiny)?

Is there a code to find arceus in Pokemon diamond?

go to That's where I found mine.

What is the R4 code for Arceus in Pokemon diamond?

i think it is the same as the 1 for the action replay

What is the code for shiny level 100 arceus ds?

this is the code for platinum diamond pearl .d5b90822io6t549 fk129067856398856d

What is the action replay code in Pokemon?

You have to be more specific, like, "What is the action replay code for Arceus in Diamond or Pearl?"

I need Someone's friend code in Pokemon diamond so that I can trade Arceus for a bidoof at an arranged time?

you're giving away the arceus?

What is the Pokemon diamond code for all the seventeen Arceus types?

If you have Arceus, then all you have to do is give it one of the plates that can be collected around Sinnoh, for example, the Splash Plate. Then the Arceus will change its type.

Is there a Pokemon diamond code for all Pokemon level 100?


All level 100 code for Pokemon diamond?

There isn't a code!

Is there a code for diamond to catch level 120 Pokemon?

There is no such code for that. The game can only allow you to have Pokemon up to level 100. No Pokemon over level 100 exists.