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There is no current code yet for rebattling arceus but if you have the Pokemon modifier code just throw away no master balls and you will run into arceus where you can encounter Pokemon

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Q: Action replay codes to rebattle Arceus in Pokemon diamond ds?
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How do you catch Arceus on Pokemon diamond without action replay?

you have to get the arceus event on mystery gift.

How do you obtain an Arceus in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl?

you need action replay.

How do you get an Arceus on Pokemon Diamond without an Action Replay or an Event?

You can't.

How do you get the mystery gift for Arceus in Pokemon Diamond with cheats?

What is the che cheat to get an arceus in Pokemon diamond? What is the che cheat to get an arceus in Pokemon diamond? What is the che cheat to get an arceus in Pokemon diamond?

Which is the best Pokemon in diamond?

the best Pokemon in diamond is arceus, but you have to use action replay or wi-fi mystery gift

How do you find arceus in Pokemon Diamond?

u have 2 use action replay

How do you get arceus in Pokemon diamond without an action replay?

definitely a Nintendo event

How do you get a arccuses in Pokemon diamond?

I obtained my Arceus through action replay. ~Sari

How do you catch arceus in Pokemon diamond pearl without action replay or cheating?

you can't

What is the R4 code for Arceus in Pokemon diamond?

i think it is the same as the 1 for the action replay

What are the letters and numbers for the Arceus code on the DS action repaly for Pokemon diamond version for DS?

What Do you want? Azure flute to get arceus or arceus (can be shiny)?

The best Pokemon on diamond?

the best Pokemon on diamond would be arceus but you can only get that from action replay, other than that i think the best Pokemon would be giritina..