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Arceus has no cheat code for Leaf Green, because Leaf Green was released years before Platinum, Pearl and Diamond in which Arceus first appears.

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Q: What is the code for Arceus on LeafGreen?
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Find arceus in Pokemon LeafGreen?

Impossible since its a 4th generation pokemon.

What is the code you need to catch Arceus?

THERE IS NO CODE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Go to ToyRus to get the place to catch arceus

Is there a dark Arceus action replay code?

No,but their is a way to get shiny arceus

Can you catch arceus in pokemon LeafGreen?

you go to 5 island in the grass 100 Pokemon in pokedex you must have a master ball to catch arceus

What is the cheat code to get Arceus?

you dont need codes for arceus!for more info ask "how do you get arceus by using ar"

What is the Arceus code for the dsi action replay on platinum?

Theres no code! You have to get the code for the azure flute then go to spear pillar!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Arceus is real?

Arceus is real. You can get it with a Pokemon event or an Action Replay code.

Where to find Arceus in Pokemon LeafGreen?

In this generation of pokemon arceus doesn't exsist yet. So sorry but you can't find it in leaf green or fire red. arceus is in the next generation A.K.A. pokemon platinum /peril/diamond.

Is there a code for arceus in Pokemon Rumble?


I will trade anything for a Arceus any offerers?

i have a bunch of arceus. my friend code is 14514

How do you get Arceus in ruby?

Arceus is a sinnoh pokemon. unless you have a gameshark and a code, you cant get it in ruby.

Can you get Arceus on ptd?

Yes. But sadly, the arceus weekly code is already over. sorry.