Ar cheats for Pokemon platinum

Updated: 4/28/2022
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you can go to to find some but if you need other cheats send me a msg at i make them :D

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Q: Ar cheats for Pokemon platinum
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Action replay cheats for Pokemon platinum?

yes. there are AR cheats for platinum.

Are any cheats for Pokemon platinum?

only ar codes

What do you do if you have cheats for Pokemon platinum and it says unknown game?

are you using the right country in ar manager us pokemon+j cheats?

How do you catch another trainers Pokemon on platinum?

You have to use an AR. Otherwise you can't. There may be cheats without need of AR but you can't.

Cheats for Pokemon platinum no ar?

theres the duplicating cheat check youtube theyll tell ya

How do you get celebi on Pokemon pearl without ar cheats?

The only way to get Celebi on Pokemon Pearl without AR cheats is via event distributions. However these events are no longer being held or supported for Pokemon Diamond, Pearl and Platinum.

How do you put Pokemon Platinum onto an ar?

go on the PC and type in the Pokemon platinum code then put in the cheats you want sorted hope this helps. woody jnr

Can you use platinum UK AR cheats for platinum US?


Is there an AR cheat for the poke radar in Pokemon platinum?

No there isn't. But for other good cheats go to

Are there any cheats for the us version of Pokemon platinum if so can you list them?

I really dont know. I think the only cheats are for the AR. or you could press LRxybaLRbxay

How do you enter cheats in Pokemon platinum?

You have to get an AR (Action Replay) on Ebay it is about $20 for a normal DS one, but for a DSi one it cost about $46. Other than that the closest thing to cheats on Platinum are glitches...

Cheats for ar dsi platinum?

yes but you need the new action replay that works only for dsi. the old one for ds doesn't work on it.