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The only way to get Celebi on Pokemon Pearl without AR cheats is via event distributions. However these events are no longer being held or supported for Pokemon Diamond, Pearl and Platinum.

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Q: How do you get celebi on Pokemon pearl without ar cheats?
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How do you get Celebi without events or cheats on pearl?

By trading for it.

How do you get Celebi in Pokemon Pearl?

You can only get Celebi in Pokemon Pearl if you migrate it from Pokemon Ruby, Sapphire, or Emerald, or if you use an Action Replay code. If a friend or someone on Wi-Fi has it in the Gobal Trade Station, you can get it from there. You cannot catch Celebi in Pokemon Pearl without attending an event.

How do you get to route 224 on Pokemon pearl without cheats?

you cannot

How do you obtain Celebi in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl without migrating or cheating or trading?

u can't

Need cheats for pearl without action replay?

There are no cheats without action replay for pearl but there are glitches but if some of them require for you to do the Pokemon trading thing do NOT do them because the Pokemon company can ban you from trading.Just search Pokemon pearl glitches I know there's tons of them.

How do you get celabea in Pokemon Pearl?

Do you mean Celebi? Celebi is only availble in Pokemon Crystal and Colosseum.

Pokemon Pearl location Celebi?

if you have emerald or Pokemon migrate celebi and 5pokemons in pal park

Where do you get Celebi?

Celebi is obtained through the Japaneese bonus disk of Colusseum or through a Pokemon event that distributes Celebi. It's impossilble to get a Celebi in any game sorry ---- No it isn't you can get it in Emeral Ruby Sappire and in Diamond and Pearl throungh PAl Park or cheats.

How can you get in the inn in Canalave city in Pokemon Pearl without cheats?


How do you catch deoxes without cheats in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl?

in a fossil

How do you get hoho on Pokemon pearl without emerald Sapphire and ruby or action replay on Pokemon diamond pearl?

You can't without trading, migrating or, cheats

Where can you find Celebi in Pokemon pearl?

you get celebi on a gba game such as... ruby Sapphire emerald fire red leaf greenYou cannot catch Celebi in Pearl. Celebi is a Special Event accessible Pokemon only.