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yes. there are AR cheats for platinum.

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Q: Action replay cheats for Pokemon platinum?
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Pokemon platinum cheats no action replay?


Ds action raplay cheats for Pokemon Platinum?

yes you can use action replay on Pokemon platinum

Do Pokemon diamond action replay cheats work for Pokemon platinum?


Pokemon Platinum shiny Pokemon cheats?

Use an action replay...

What are some cheats for Pokemon Platinum that do not require the action replay?

None. You need action replay.

Pokemon platinum Action Replay cheats?

How do i set cheats on Pokemon platinum?

you have to buy an action replay.

Cheats how do you get a 71 in Pokemon platinum?

two words... action replay

How do you use cheats in Pokemon platinum version?

use action replay

Pokemon platinum cheats without action replay?

there are a ton of cheats for Pokemon games but i can't figure some out. : (

Cheats for Pokemon platinum ds?

Just get action replay it works alot

Pokemon platinum cheats action replay ds?

how do you get in the hotel in with the members card