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An alliance.

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Q: An agreement between nations to help each other is called a?
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What is an agreement between nations about peace trade other matters is called?


An agreement between nations about peace trade or other matters is called?

A treaty. This bit is by Artic-Fox: An agreement between nations is called a treaty (so said above). A good example of this is the war between allied and axis. WWI they had made a treaty, however Hitler of so, ripped it up, causing...WWII!

International agreements between the president and other nations that do not require the approval of the Senate are known as?

An Executive Agreement.

What the agreement between nations to defend each other if attacked?

Alliances ( expectialy military defensive alliance - agreement to come to ones aid in case of attack. Country is not entitled to commit to this agreement if the other country starts the fighting)

Who is called the way in which nations treat each other regarding imports and exports?

North Atlantic free trade agreement

What was the Alliance between us Canada and other western nations in 1949 called?


What is a formal agreement between two or more countries about trades peace and other matters called?


A formal agreement among nations to unite for a common cause?

Such a written document would be a treaty between two or more sovereign states. Examples include the Treaty of Versailles that followed World War I, or the NAFTA agreement on North American trade.When they bind countries to future actions, they may be called pacts. An example would be the Anti-Comintern Pact (1937) between Germany and Japan, because both were rivals of Soviet Russia.

When nations trade with other nations it is called?


Agreement states enter with both foreign nations and other states with consent of congress are what?

interstate compacts

Policy of trading with other countries is called?

The policy used in trading with other countries is called the commercial policy. It is a set of rules and regulations used in trade between nations.

What is it called when nations can legally agree that they will limit or prevent trade between two nations?

The legal ban on trade is referred to as a trade restriction or sanction (which also has other meanings).