A anvil or a forge is symbol for?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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hephaestus. his symbol was the anvil/forge because he was the greek god of manufacturing, art, blacksmithing, creating sort of stuff.

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Q: A anvil or a forge is symbol for?
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Where blacksmith work?

At a Smith, Forge, or anywhere they have access to a furnace, and anvil and a hammer.

What are some of the tools are used with a forge?

Hammer, Anvil, Tongs, Piercing irons, Bellows,

What is hammer forge?

A very hot fire with a bellows and an anvil where you can shape metal with a hammer.

Did Hephaestus have a symbol?

Yes. His symbol was the anvil, as well as a hammer and tongs.

What is the symbol of hephastus?

The symbol of Hephaestus is an anvil and hammer. HOPE THIS HELPS

What God has an Anvil and Quail for their symbol?


What materials and tools did James Anderson?

He used forge,anvil,hammers,tongs,vise,and file

What tools did a blacksmith?

blacksmiths usually used hammers,a forge, a vise,hacksaw,anvil,and tongs

How do you use the word forge in a sentence?

"I didn't forge my mother's signature" OR "The Blacksmith forged a red hot sword with his thick hammer and heavy black anvil"

What is the sign of Hephaestus?

An anvil, a smith's hammer, and a pair of tongs.

What is the Greek god hephaesus symbol?

Hammer, anvil and tongs.

An anvil is a symbol for which greek god?

Hephaestus the god of metalwork