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Q: Will the WWE return to Delaware?
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How will return to WWE?

They just return

Will WWE Layla return to the WWE?

WWE Diva Layla is still under contract with WWE on their Smackdown brand. She will return to WWE as she is just inactive due to injury. :)

Will WWE sable return to WWE?

no sorry

Will the WWE crusierweight title return to WWE?


Is the apa returning to WWE?

No. They will not return to wwe

When Jeff hardy return to WWE?

jeff hardy return to wwe in royal rumbel 2012 and if he is not return jeff hardy never come back to wwe

Will BUBBA return to WWE?

Bubba Ray is currently with TNA and may not return to the WWE

When wibobby leshley return to the WWE?

There is no mention about his return to the WWE what so ever. He is still in MMA

When will Daniel Bryan return to the wwe?

Daniel Bryan hopes to return to the WWE in January 2015.

Will D'Lo Brown return to WWE?

he will not return to wwe becasue he is with TNA and i think he is a agent for TNA

Will WWE Edge maybe return to WWE?

No, he has retired.

Will the sting return to WWE?

No. Sting will not come to the WWE