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yes he will return

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Q: Will bg James return to the WWE?
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Will WWE diva micky James return to WWE?

Right now she is in TNA so i don't think she will return......

Will mickie James return to WWE?

She recently signed with TNA, but there is a high probability that she'll return to WWE someday.

When will mickie James return?

Mickie James is presently in TNA. She might return to WWE in the future. I hope she returns to the WWE someday because she is one of my all time favorite divas and I miss her like crazy.

When is Mickie James coming back?

Mickie James is rumored to return to WWE once her album tours are finished.

Is mickie James returning to the WWE?

She is currently signed to TNA wrestling, but she might return to WWE in the future. Maybe in a couple of years.

Is mickie James coming back?

Yes. It is said that she'll return to WWE by the end of the year.

Did mickie James retire?

Yes, She Was Let Go By The WWE After The 2010 Draft It Is Unclear Weather She Will Return Or Not

What happened to the Road Dogg?

Road Dogg quit WWE and I don't think he's wrestling anymore, unless he's on TNA or FWA or somethingAnswerHe's in TNA as BG James. He was part of the faction 3live kru but then Kip James (aka the Outlaw aka Billy Gunn) came in and decided to have a little reunion. TNA really needs to get better storylines. BG James is now a road agent for TNA

Is there any chance that Road Dogg Jess James Bad Ass Billy Gunn or 1-2-3 Kid come back to WWE?

Currently, Jessie James is wrestling in TNA as BG James who is part of the faction: 3 live kru. Billy Gunn was fired for smuggling Mary Jane on to an airplane and x-PAC said that he would never wrestle in the wwe again. i think they r all in TNA! cute kip AKA billy gunn is not with tna anymore but is working on his wwe return in WWE's developmental territory Ohio Valley Wrestling (OVW) and is hopefully going to make a good and successful return to reform D-generation-X idk what happend to billy but Jesse wrestles for tna and juggalo championship wrestling aka jcw

How will return to WWE?

They just return

Will WWE Layla return to the WWE?

WWE Diva Layla is still under contract with WWE on their Smackdown brand. She will return to WWE as she is just inactive due to injury. :)

Will WWE sable return to WWE?

no sorry