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Directors say that the show was alot of money too make.....and they all said there goodbys to the show....They say that if they make an r3 it would turn out to be a pile of garbage that the people demanded.....but possably they say now that they might make an r3 or a OVA

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Q: Will the Code Geass anime be continuing?
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Is code geass popular?

Fairly, especially for an anime.

What is the greatest anime?

The Blue whale

What better code geass or death note?

it depends on what u like if u like old anime and new anime mix pick gundam but if u like new anime but short pick code geass Also if you like a lot of meca action then you should pick Gundam. Code Geass though a meca anime tends to be more about plans then meca fights-though it still has them. I like Code Geass better.

Where can you download code geass manga?

Why, don't you just read em online try,, and

What is a good anime to watch if you liked Code Geass?

Gundam 00

Will code geass continue?

sadly, no. however, there is an anime called guilty crown that, though it's not nearly as good as code geass(plotline was ok, soundtrack was amazing) was very similar. it's not code geass though.

Who made code geass?

CLAMP created Code Geass, along with other anime/manga such as Chobits, Clover, xxxHolic, Magic Knight Rayearth, and Tsubasa.

Who created code geass?

Code Geass , the anime series , was created by the Japanese animation studio "Sunrise".

Best anime of 2007?

Code Geass (it won the 2007 Grand Prix)

Did lelouce from code geass live after zero stabbed him?

He dies. The anime ends.

Is Gino Weinberg from Code Geass attractive?

It depends on your taste for anime guys.

Where to read code geass nightmare of nunally?

I love the code geass anime, but I haven't read the manga. Is it any good? You can use