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According to their schedule I don't think they'll be coming any time soon. But, keep your eyes open!

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Q: Will one direction come to the target center?
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Verizon wireless ampitheatere going to be having one direction?

No, but they will be playing at the Target Center for their 2013 world tour.

When is one direction come to Houston in 2013?

July 21st at the Toyota Center

Are one direction dolls sold at target?

Well One Direction dolls haven't come out in the US so unless you go on eBay it isn't possible for you to get a doll before they come out in September.

Does target sell one direction Valentine cards?

no that sucks target and stores that dont have one direction stuff suck

Are their One Direction toys at Target?


Where can you buy One Direction notebooks?

at target

When will One Direction come to Utah?

July 25th 2013 at the maverick center seating starts at 6:30

Does target sell one direction valentines?

yes they do

When will One Direction come to Serbia?

one direction come to serbia 2083rd

What airport station will One Direction ride to come to The patriot Center on May 24 and what time?

7:45 pm

Where to buy one direction books in ballarat?

You can buy them in target

Where can you get one direction duct tape?

Target or Walmart c: