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One direction.

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Q: What is the one direction font called?
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What is the font that one direction uses in their logo?

the font is called one direction sheesh man u dont know rolls eyes

What is the font used for one directions albums?

The main font is actually called "One Direction" and is available at most of the free font websites.

What is the one direction font style?

If yo go to, they have the One Direction font available to download.

What is it called when a font has curved or extended edges?

A font with the little marks at the ends of the lines is a "serif" font. One such font is Times. A font without the marks is a "sans serif" font. One such font is Helvetica.

What kind of font appears in World of Warcraft?

The main one is a font called Morpheus.

What is the pierce the veil font called?

One is Billhead 1910 (used on Selfish Machines) and the font on Collide with the Sky was a custom font.

What is the shape and style of text called?

It is called font.

What are One Direction's fan called?

They are called directioners and they one direction haters are called directionaters i do not like one direction

What font is used in the NCAA logo?

The font that is used in the NCAA logo is called Aquarius No. 8. This font is one that has to be purchased, and does not come pre-installed as a font. This font closely resembles that font that is used on the Twitter website.

What site can you edit your pictures with one direction letterings?

There's not a site, but you can edit pictures by downloading their font.

What episode in i Carly has One Direction?

It is season 6 episode 4 and it's called iGo one direction

When are one direction on tour?

One Direction are currently on their tour called Where We Are.