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Jacob Black CAN live forever but if he stops transforming into a werewolf he will start aging again then eventually he will die like any other human, if you read Eclipse in one part when Bella and Jacob are hanging out with Sam's pack (with friends and relatives) at First Beach at a bonfire Quill's grandfather (his name is Quill) explains the story of how the werewolf came to be.....If you would like to know in Breaking Dawn Edward says that Jacob and the rest of the werewolfs are not ACTUAL werewolf's, they are shape-shifters, they said that because the Voltori thought they were real werewolf or children of the moon. Edward mention that the first of his tribe chose the form of a wolf to change into. They could have chosen a lion or a cat but chose a werewolf. So the answer is yes Jacob can live forever and he is going to marry a little piece of Bella.

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They can only die by vampires if i am correct. Venom is poisonious to them so it may kill them!

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Q: Will Jacob Black live forever like Renesmee?
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Does Jacob Black like renesmee Cullen?

Yes, he does like her. In fact he imprints on her.

In breaking dawn why does Jacob like renesmee?

Jacob likes Renesmee because he imprinted on her.

Will Renesmee have to choose between Jacob and Nahuel?

In the Twilight series, Renesmee ends up with Jacob. Nahuel respects her relationship with Jacob and does not interfere.

Why does Jacob Black imprint on Renesmee Cullen?

The book does not really tell, but the love he has for her is most like motherly or fatherly love.

Does Jacob and Edward decide to make a truce?

i really don't know if they make a truce but edward has to like Jacob black since he imprinted on renesmee edward's daughter

How does Jacob fall in love with renesmee when he loves Bella?

Jacob's love for Renesmee is not romantic, but rather a bond formed through imprinting, a phenomenon in the Twilight series where a shapeshifter finds their soulmate. In this case, Jacob imprints on Renesmee as a protector and guide, akin to a big brother figure rather than a lover. His romantic love for Bella remains unchanged.

Why did Jacob Black bite Renesmee Cullen?

Jacob Black bit Renesmee Cullen as a way to form a connection and bond with her as part of a werewolf imprinting ritual in the "Twilight" series. Imprinting is a supernatural phenomenon where a werewolf finds their soulmate, and in this case, Jacob imprints on Renesmee, creating a deep and unbreakable bond between them.

Did Bella Swan find out that her daughter is seeing Jacob Black?

In the Twilight Saga's Breaking Dawn, Renesmee is not technically "seeing" Jacob. Jacob imprints on Renesmee. Imprinting, as explained in Eclipse, is like true love, but stronger. Jacob does not see Renesmee in a romantic way at all. Instead he feels overprotective of her, and will give her everything she will ever want and need. Bella consequently finds out about his imprinting from the way Jacob is acting like he is terrified that Bella will hurt Nessie, which is the nickname that he gave the half vampire because "Renesmee is kinda a mouthful", and the fact that Jacob is looking at Nessie like "A blind man seeing the sun for the first time". Of course she goes berserk, and tries to attack Jacob. Everything gets settled, though, and Jacob is happy. So Renesmee does not technically "See" Jake. Not yet, at least.

Does Jacob like you?

No, Jacob Black doesn't like you because he is not real. Plus, he imprinted on Renesmee Cullen, which was uncontrollable and not intended. In real life, the actor who plays him, Taylor Lautner, might like you. It depends.

In Breaking Dawn when Jacob imprints what does it mean?

he becames attached to renesmee it is like it OS not gravity holding him on earth but renesmee instead

How does Renesmee Jacob get together?

Renesmee and Jacob develop a bond due to their shared connection to Bella and their pack imprinting on Renesmee. As Renesmee grows rapidly, Jacob's feelings for her transition from protective to romantic. Their bond deepens, leading to them eventually becoming romantically involved.

Will there will be an imprint in breaking dawn part 1?

Jacob imprints on Bella and Edward's daughter, Renesmee. Imprinting means that Jacob is now "tied" to Renesmee; in other words, he is in love with her. Even though she is so much younger, he now feels like her big brother and when she's his age, they'll be in love. Jacob is dedicated strongly to Renesmee, and it's just a "wolf thing" that can't be controlled. Jacob did not choose to imprint on Renesmee, it just happened.