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No ordinary Family

Greys Anatomy


Project Runway



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Q: Why is reality shows good for teenagers to watch?
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What is a good sight to watch free movies? is a good sight, although sometimes it doesn't work. For watching popular shows such as the Bachelor, Castle, and Mr. Sunshine, I recommend going to, but still, the shows come out episode at a time and you may have to wait till Monday or Tuesday or whatever to watch the episode.

What the advantages and disadvantages of reality tv show?

I think the need for reality shows is the fact that people like to watch other people get into arguments, fight, and see how people live and act around others, to be honest, that is my best guess. Personally, I think they are a waste of time and moeny.

Childhood shows the man as morning shows the day?

As childhood shows the man as morning shows the day because good person always shows the good behaviour from the beginning.

Why do people watch TV so much?

One answer I think that they do it for attention. Such as just to get famous. If they did realize what morons that they are making of themselves they would stop. Most of them only do it for the fame. I do believe that most of them are stupid, but yeahhh some are there for love and some aren't some are there because someone close to them (mom) convinces them this will open doors for them, this will make them famous, not knowing that this is just the beginning, next she will be taking her cloths off for playboy not because she's famous but because she has a hot body and she know it can make her a lot of money.. wow that already did happen to K.K. if you know what i mean.

What relationship does age have with the tv shows you watch?

Both my age and my gender have a lot to do with the TV shows that I prefer. I have been watching TV for a very long time (since Howdy Doody) which makes me very choosy about programs. I have a very low tolerance for "adolescent mentality" programming; I don't care much for car chases and shoot outs taking the place of good writing; I don't like exploitation type reality shows. I do like well written, witty comedies; realistic dramas and reality shows with substance; documentary style programs. Perhaps a selection of what I watch regularly will draw a better picture: Comedies: The Simpsons, Everybody Hates Chris and Monk (both discontinued) Dramas: Law & Order and Law & Order Criminal Intent, The Closer Reality: Mythbusters, Forensic Files, The Investigators, Suze Orman, Primetime, 48 Hours, and 20/20, The Dog Whisperer Documentary: Nova, Planet Earth, and misc. documentary specials on Discovery, History, MSNBC, TLC, and National Geographic channels. Other: So You Think You Can Dance, The Amazing Race, and American Idol

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Why do you watch reality shows if they are no good?

It's hilarious to watch people flip out over simple things.

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What is a good tv show to watch

What is a good website to watch tv shows? will track shows for you and has a lot of links for most of there shows where you can watch episodes for free

What are good cupcake shows to watch?

Cupcake wars

Is reality shows good for a gambler?

depends on the game show and depends if you are lucky or skilled

What is a good free website to watch online shows? :)

Where is a good place you can watch free tv shows?


Why children should not watch reality tv?

reality tv is not good for children because reality tv is not educational they say bad words and fight and children follow that

Where can i watch 90s tv shows?

Teen Nick is good place to watch TV shows from the 90's. You can also watch TV Land and Nick at Nite for other classic 90's TV shows.

What is a good site to watch shows for free? i think they only allow 5 shows to watch in each Title then one expires then they post a new one to watch. :D

Where can you watch episodes of good times?

youtube has a television channel where some shows are available to watch. I believe good times is available.

What monster anime can you watch?

Death note and Gankutsuou are good shows.