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If you haven't been keeping track with the LOST series, then no answer about the polar bear is gonna make sense to you because it is a very long and complicated story. Otherwise...the polar bear is in LOST because it was one of the experiments that was going on with the dharma initiative, along with dolphins sharks and rabbits. The polar bears were kept in the cages that Kate and Swyer were in and the dolphins and sharks were in the hydra station where jack was kept in season 4.

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Polar bears were brought to the island area, for genetic experiments, by the Dharma Initiative (a scientific group). The animals were kept caged on the Hydra Station, which was on the smaller island, where Jack, Kate, and Sawyer were held captive, by the Others in Season 3. In fact, Kate and Sawyer, were imprisoned in empty bear cages for a time. It appears that the polar bears swam to the main island, sometime after the deadly 1990s purge of the Dharma group, by the Others (the original area residents).

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Q: Why is a polar bear in the movie Lost?
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