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Because he was tracking Victoria and he hadn't changed that shirt since the birthday party....

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Q: Why is Edward Cullen's shirt ripped in new moon?
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What does Edward break when he loses the vote in New Moon?

"Q. What did Edward break in the living room after the vote? A. Edward ripped into halves a sixty inch plasma TV that the Cullens had shipped in from Korea because it's not available in the states yet. Emmett was a bit annoyed." Copied from

What grades are the cullens going to in new moon?

Senior Year :) ( Edward is hawt ) bahaha :)

What were Edward Cullens eyecolor before he turned into a vampire?

Edward Cullens eyes were green. It tells you this in New Moon, at Bella's party and Carlisle is telling Bella about the time he saved Edward and what he believes about souls. Toni-Maria Cullen...xx

Edward Cullens birthday in the book new moon?

It does not specifically say when in the book, but I'm not sure about the movie.

In new moon who is all in the cullens family?

Carlisle, Esme, Emmett, Rosalie, Alice, Jasper and Edward...

Who are the cullens in new moon?

The same as in Twilight... Edward Alice Jasper Rosalie and Emmett Hope thhat helpsssss(:

In new moon what grades are the cullens and hales going too?

In new moon Rosalie and Emmett have graduated and Alice, Jasper and Edward are a year from graduation.

Is Alice Cullen going to be in New Moon more than she was in Twilight?

No, she leaves with Edward and the rest of the Cullens. They move to Florida.

Where does edward in new moon?

The Cullens go to Denali to live with other vegatarian vampires. Edward goes to Rome because he wants to "be alone." Translate: Wallow in his selfpity...

In twilight what grade is the cullens going too in new moon?

Edward and Alice are in their senior year. But Jasper, Rosalie, and Emmett graduated.

What grades do the Cullens pretend to be in?

Alice and Edward are juniors in Twilight then seniors in New Moon. Emmet, Rosile, and Jasper in Twilight are seniors.

Do you get to watch the cullens graduate in new moon and eclipse for edward Bella and Alice?

well i don't want to be a huge spoiler but in breaking dawn edward, Bella, and Alice graduate