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I don't think it's mentioned, but in New Moon, when Edward and Bella are going to the Cullens' house for her birthday party, Edward says something along the lines of "the last birthday any of us had was Emmett in 1935"

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Q: When is Emmett Cullen's Birthday?
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Is Emmett cullens birthday march 15th?

Not Emmett, but the actor who plays him, Kellan Lutz, his birthday is. The exact date of Emmett's birth was not told but we do know he was born in 1915.

When is Emmett cullens birthday in the saga of twilight?

The book New Moon, it says that Emmett's last birthday was in 1935. I'm not sure exactly what day though.

Within the familys secret when is Emmett cullens birthday?

He was born in 1915, but a specific date was never mentioned.

When was the last year that the cullens celebrated Emmett's birthday?

The last year the Cullens celebrated Emmett's birthday was in 2006, as mentioned in the book "Twilight." Since then, they stopped keeping track of their ages and no longer celebrated birthdays.

What is Emmett Cullens name?

Emmett Cullens real name is Kellan Lutz. Hope this helps! Good luck on finding other names!

What is Emmett Cullens full name?

Emmett's Full Name Is > Emmett Mcathy Cullen..x

Emmett Cullens birthday is March 15 jasper hales birthday is dec 14 Alice Cullens birthday is March 18 Rosalie hales birthday is October 10 and Edward Cullens birthday is June 20?

exactly andRenesmee's is September 10,2008 Emotional Bunny/Twilight Addict this order Emmett Cullen Age 20 March 15th Jasper HaleAge20 December 14th Rosalie hale Age 20 October 10th Alice Cullen Age 19 March 18th Edward Cullen 17 June 20 Bella Swan (there friend) September 13th

What is Emmett cullens old last name?

Emmett's old last name was Mc carty

What is Emmett Cullens fullname in twilight?

Emmet's full name is Emmet Cullen, but he was born as Emmett McCarty.

What is the player of Emmett cullens most favoritest food ever?

Emmett can't eat. He's a vampire.

What is Emmett cullens info in twilight?

See related link.

Which of the Cullens don't have a power?

Rosalie, Carslile, Emmett and Esme.