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Emmett Cullen's real last name is McCarty

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Emmet Cullen's real name is Kellan Lutz.

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Sean Berdy.

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Q: What is Emmett Cullens real last name?
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What is Emmett Cullens name?

Emmett Cullens real name is Kellan Lutz. Hope this helps! Good luck on finding other names!

What is Emmett cullens real life name?

kellan lutz

What is emett Cullens real name?

if you mean "who plays Emmett Cullen?" , Kellan Lutz does.

What is emmet Cullens from twilight real name in real life?

The guy that plays Emmett Cullen is named Kellan Lutz.

What is Emmet Cullens real name?

if you mean the actors name, then its Kellan Lutz.

Emett Cullens real name?

in real life then KELLAN LUTZ if you mean in the books/movie before he was a vampire than EMMETT McCARTHY

What is Jasper Cullens real last name?

Rathbone. His name in real life is Jackson Rathbone

What is Emmett real name in the book?

Emmett's real mane in the book is Emmett Mcarthy.

Edward tells Bella the last real birthday the Cullens celebrated was when?

the last real birthday the cullens celebrated was in 1935, emmetts birthday

What was Emmett Cullen's real name?

Renesmee C. Cullen's middle name is Carlie. Renesmee Carlie Cullen! It is Carlie because Bella's father is Charlie and Edward's "father" is Carlisle so Charlie + Carlisle = Carlie.

Carlisle Cullens real name?

I think it is Peter Fancillinelly I am not quite sure about the last name=) . Good try on the last name. I also have a hard time on it. However, its spelled "Facinelli".