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I think it's March 18th, 1901 and Emmett Cullen's is March 15th! So I guess in this order but im not sur about Carlisle or Esme.Order

1 jasper Emmett rosalie Alice edward!
her vampire birthday is January 1st at 12:00am

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March 18th. I have all the Cullens birthdays memerized:)

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Alice Cullen was born on March 18, 1891.

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Q: What is Alice Cullen's birthday?
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Is Alice cullens birthday march 15th or January 1st?

its the 18 of march

What year did Alice and Jasper join the Cullens?

Alice and Jasper joined the Cullens in 1950.

Alice Cullens real name?

Mary Alice Brandon Cullen.

What was Mary Alice Brandon cullens fullname before she was adopted to the cullens?

Mary Alice Brandon idiot!!!! You said it in the freaking question!!!!!!!!! Get an IQ

Emmett Cullens birthday is March 15 jasper hales birthday is dec 14 Alice Cullens birthday is March 18 Rosalie hales birthday is October 10 and Edward Cullens birthday is June 20?

exactly andRenesmee's is September 10,2008 Emotional Bunny/Twilight Addict this order Emmett Cullen Age 20 March 15th Jasper HaleAge20 December 14th Rosalie hale Age 20 October 10th Alice Cullen Age 19 March 18th Edward Cullen 17 June 20 Bella Swan (there friend) September 13th

What is Jasper cullens favorite color?

it is gray........on Alice it is gray........on Alice it is gray........on Alice

What is Alice Cullens favoriete color?

pink :)

Did Alice and Jasper get married before or after they met the Cullens?

Alice found jasper (because of her special gift of visions/second sight) and they both went to the Cullens together because Alice had seen it them go in one of her visions. Your right but, Eward were the first teenager who joined the cullens

What Alice cullens name?

Er... one would assume that Alice Cullen's name is ... Alice Cullen?

In twilight when is Alice cullens birthday?

Alice's birthday is unknown, because Alice does not remember anything about her human past. She found her gravestone (as people presume she would have died by now), but that only gives the date of when she was admitted to an asylum. She was admitted to the asylum by her family because of the visions she saw, and still sees now.

Whren is Alice cullens birthday in twilight?

Her specific birth date was never mentioned, because she didn't remember her human life, but her birth year was 1901.

Edward tells Bella the last real birthday the Cullens celebrated was when?

the last real birthday the cullens celebrated was in 1935, emmetts birthday