Why does Naruto like Hinata?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Tyree Cassin

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Because she admired him for his confidence and courage ever since she was a little kid. That admiration grew into love.

Watch Naruto Shippuden episode 166 or read chapter 437 for more info

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Sonny Bernhard

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i would say hinata likes naruto because he acts like a like-able guy then again she likes naruto because he is the wielder of the 9 tailed beast.

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Q: Why does Naruto like Hinata?
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Who do Hinata like a boyfriend?

Hinata likes Naruto

Does Hinata like kiba on Naruto or Naruto Shippuden?

she doesn't because she likes naruto but kiba likes hinata

Who does Hinata like?


Who does kiba like in Naruto shipuden?

Kiba likes hinata Hyuga...but hinata loves naruto

When Hinata first saw Naruto?

well, hinata saw naruto when they first entered the academy. hinata, from that point on, started to pay attention to naruto, and found that he was always alone, have no friends. and that's when hinata started to like naruto....

Why doesnt Naruto like Hinata?

Actaually, That was Hinata's dreamworld...I have nothing against Hinata but I really don't think Naruto likes her ther'ye opposites hello? Hinata likes sweet stuff while Naruto is into adventure and stuff...anyways! The person above is an idiot! Naruto should like Hinata, since it would be better than to like Sakura, because think of how Sakura acts around him!

Is Hinata able to like Naruto?

Hinata likes naruto from the start of the series that's because naruto once saved her and tried to help her.

Why did Naruto call Hinata weird?

Because Hinata secretly has a crush on Naruto and she blushes or faints when she's around him. Naruto does not know that Hinata likes him and thinks that it's weird for Hinata to act like that when she's around him.

Who would be better for naruto sakura or Hinata i think it should be sakura i think naruto would get bored with Hinata but Hinata is cool but I like sakura much better?

Sakura all the way. You have a point naruto would get bored with hinata. Hope you like my opinion

Does Hinata like anyone else?

Hinata has only ever had eyes for Naruto.

Who is the hotter Hinata or Naruto?

Answers may vary depending on person. ya girls like naruto boys hinata

Dose Hinata like naruto?

yes she does