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In Naruto Shippuuden, Hinata is 160cm tall.

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Q: How tall is Hinata in Naruto shuppiden?
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Is Hinata Naruto wife?

no because if the auther wanted hinata to be naruto wife at the end of naruto shuppiden he would of said naruto would propose to hinata at the end of naruto shippuden series but we will never now ontil the end my fellow naruto fans.oh is Tobi ever going to show his face i know its madara i just want to see

Does Sakura die in Naruto shuppiden?

hope fully.

In Naruto shuppiden does temari fight one of the akatski?

No she doesn't

Does temari fight anyone in Naruto shuppiden?

Heck yeah!!!! Temari Rox!!!!

When is the new naruto shuppiden series supposed to come on tv?

Jan. 2010

Is naruto canceled in America?

No they're just trying to make the shuppiden in English

When does Hinata ask Naruto on a date?

Hinata never asks Naruto on a date.

Do Naruto marry Hinata?

yes, Naruto does marry Hinata and has 5 childern

Is it true that Hinata told naruto she loved him?

Yes Hinata did tell Naruto that she loved him. Naruto was fighting Pain and Hinata rushed in to help and then she confessed to him.

How does Naruto shippuuden end?

Hinata has a kid and naruto has a kid and Hinata's kid marry Naruto's kid

When does Hinata first pass out in Naruto?

in naruto shippuuden 1st episode when hinata sees naruto she passes out

Where can you find naruto shuppiden episode 5 in English?

Try this link :