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If Naruto finds out Hinata love him, probably...

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it is unkown

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Q: Will naruto and Hinata end up together?
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Does Naruto and Hinata end up together in the manga?

No not yet

Is Naruto and Hinata going to end up together?

Wait and see

Do Hinata and Naruto ever end up together?

YES!! she professes her love for him in the manga series Naruto and hinata will end up going out cause she confesses in the manga chapter 437

Why don't Hinata and naruto end up together?

Because they are not meant for each other

Will Naruto and Sacura be Tougather?

=I don't think so.==Sakura will probably end up with Sasuke and==Naruto will be together with Hinata.=

Does naruto date Hinata in the manga?

Yes, in the Naruto manga, Naruto and Hinata eventually develop romantic feelings for each other and end up together, getting married and starting a family.

I want to know who does Naruto get with Sakura or Hinata.?

Naruto will most likely end up with Hinata.

Did Hinata and Sakura have feelings for Naruto in Shippuden?

Of course hinata still had feelings for naruto, do you blush in front of somebody if you don't like them? However for sakura I'm not sure but, I think she likes him, and in the end she and naruto will end up together!!

Will Naruto Uzumaki and Hinata Hyuga end up together?

There are not till date but yeah they might... from my research Hinata propose her love to Naruto so we must wait in seseon 5 Naruto shipuden

Will naruto end up with lady Hinata?


Did Naruto end up with Hinata in 2012?


Will naruto end up with hinata 2013?