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because shed stupid and gross

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Q: Why does lady gaga kiss girl on the lips?
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How do you kiss a black girl?

The same way you kiss any girl: with your lips.

How do you kiss any girl?

with your lips

How do you kiss a girl if you are a boy?

with your lips

What to do if a girl thinks that you are not serious?

kiss her on lips

What are the Qualities of a decent lady?

all you have to do is kiss her on the lips then shell fall for you

Why do boys lick their lips after they kiss a girl?

It means they were pleased with that kiss, and enjoyed it!

What does it mean if a girl wants to kiss you on the lips?

It means that the girl likes you!

How do you kiss a girl in a blind date?

Feel for their lips

Where can a girl kiss a guy?

cheek, lips, forehead

How can you be a member of Lady Gaga?

i hate lady gaga shes every crazy or what see im a muslim and i see her what she did she put her self beside the meccaa and people are really praying what happened and she kisses in the lips thats bad ok and i hate you lady gaga if lady gaga saw these message i never care but im saying the truth

Does one direction kiss fans on the lips?

No. One Direction doesn't kiss fans on lips. Only cute girl ones.

If you are a girl and you want kiss another girl how do you get her to kiss you without asking her?

It's easy all you have to do is get two lesbian girls and see if they love each other then their kiss. Second way get a lesbian girl to kiss any girl you want them to kiss but the other girl that's not a lesbian might get mad.