Joe Jonas kiss miley

Updated: 4/28/2022
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NO! he never did. and probably NEVER will. but i must tell you this miley tried to kiss Joe on the lips first but she couldn't cause by the time she was about to kiss joe on the lips she was still dating Nick Jonas. but that is not the reason why the broke up.

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Q: Joe Jonas kiss miley
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Did Miley Cyrus ever kiss Joe Jonas?

Yes, Miley Cyrus kissed Joe Jonas.

Did Joe Jonas kiss miley on the lips?

no because he did not date her maby nick did but joe definatly not

Did Miley Cyrus really accidentally kiss Jeremy Shum because he looked heaps like Joe Jonas?

That is not true, she doesn't even like joe Jonas

Which 2 Jonas brothers did Miley Cyrus date?

the Jonas brother that went out with Miley is Nick Jonas

Did Joe Jonas sleep with Miley Cyrus?

No Joe Jonas is a virgin

Did miley go out with Joe Jonas?

no only nick Jonas went out with miley

Who did Kevin Jonas kiss first?

MILEY CIRRUS (she cheated on nick and kissed Kevin then she cheated on him for Joe then on ZACK EFRON!!)

Did Miley date Nick Jonas and then date Joe Jonas?

yea she dated nick Jonas but not joe Jonas

Who is a better singer Miley Cyrus or Joe Jonas?

Miley Cyrus because the Jonas brothers sing like girls! Miley Cyrus because they didn't say the Jonas brothers they said joe!

Does Miley Cyrus love Joe Jonas?

yes miley loves joe and plans to marry him

Is Joe Jonas similar to Miley Cyrus?

No, not really because it was Nick Jonas that dated Miley Cyrus.

Is miley Joe Jonas's neighbors?