How do you kiss a girl if you are a boy?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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with your lips

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Q: How do you kiss a girl if you are a boy?
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What is a wild kiss?

When the girl/boy come at u and kiss you aggressively

Can a muslim boy kiss mesheya girl?

A Muslim boy can kiss a Muslim girl. I would wait until after your dating.

Can your moshi monster get married?

yes you can if you get a girl with a girl monster or a boy with a boy monster then find a boy or girl monster to kiss with a boy and girl monster to kiss then if you are a girl SAY THE f word then you can get married. I did it and it is so geat.

Where can a boy kiss a girl on their first night out?

No, it is not classy. If you are a boy don't kiss her on the first date it will ruin everything. If you are a girl don't let him kiss you on the first date.

Dos a boy kiss a gir or dos a girl kiss a boy?

Well that depends. A couple is always different. Sometimes a girl can go in for the kiss or the guy. It depends who is more willing to kiss.

What should you do if the boy you like kiss a other girl because he was told that you kiss a boy but you didn't?

just tell him you didn't kiss another boy.

Does girl wants a boy kiss her?


Where is energy produced?

by kiss a girl or boy

If a girl likes a boy what should you do?

kiss him

How do you ask a boy out if you're a girl?

kiss him

Is it harmful if a girl kiss a boy on his cheek?


If a boy is going to kiss your sloppy hole is that a good kiss or a bad kiss?

it depends if you're a good girl or a bad girl...