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No, it is not classy. If you are a boy don't kiss her on the first date it will ruin everything. If you are a girl don't let him kiss you on the first date.

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Q: Where can a boy kiss a girl on their first night out?
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Is the boy supossed to kiss first or the girl?

well usually the boy starts first, But if the boy is too shy, there is no harm in girl's initiation.

Who is supposed to kiss first. the boy or the girl?

Answer i would say a boy!!!! Answer hm, whys that?

How should girl kiss a boy?

by just doing it as long as no adults are around and you are sure the girl wants to kiss you back

How do you kiss if your a lesbian?

First,It doesnt Matter You kiss Normally You could look on the Internet how to kiss and You can learn from there Its the same with girl boy contact but its the same with girl girl contact

Is it better for a girl to kiss a boy first?

Statistics show that 89% of boys like the girl to make the first move

What is a wild kiss?

When the girl/boy come at u and kiss you aggressively

How boys love girls and kiss her?

A boy can love a girl. If this is your first time kissing I would do a short pop kiss.

Can a muslim boy kiss mesheya girl?

A Muslim boy can kiss a Muslim girl. I would wait until after your dating.

Can your moshi monster get married?

yes you can if you get a girl with a girl monster or a boy with a boy monster then find a boy or girl monster to kiss with a boy and girl monster to kiss then if you are a girl SAY THE f word then you can get married. I did it and it is so geat.

How do you kiss a girl if you are a boy?

with your lips

How does the boy feel when his girl removes her dress in the first night?


How do you make the first move to a kiss?

put your arm around the girl or boy and lean in slowly