Why does cosmo like tails?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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cosmo thinks tails is cute. she also tries to get him away from cream so she will Force tails sometimes to tell him what he thinks of her.

tails likes cream really but when cosmo came she made herself look pretty Just to get tails.

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Q: Why does cosmo like tails?
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Does tails love cream or cosmo?

tails likes cream! because cosmo and tails still like each other but cosmo and tails broke up so then tails went to cream. so cream and tails got married and had 20 tails likes cream more and also even if you try out a love test it would say that cosmo and tails like each other but no! ceam and tails belong together so tails and cream are a cute couple! cream and tails are totally sweet together but come on guys, what are they? 5 years old or something well cream would have to be because she wears a cute little orange babys frock so whens the wedding 20 years?

Does tails love cream or Amy?

Actually, Tails loves Cosmo because, Cosmo died in Episode 77 in Sonic X then, Tails started to love with Cream.

How old is Cosmo the Seedrian?

Well.... let me explain. At the end of Sonic X Cosmo died to save Sonic and friends from the Meterix, but sonic found a seed that must have been from Cosmo. Finally the season ended, and at the end you see a plant that Tails must have been growing from Cosmos seed. So is she still alive? I don't know.

Why did espio and charmy did a funny at the end of sonic x episode 65?

It was to make things up to Knuckles after knocking him out and humiliating him in front of Tails and Cosmo.

What happened after Cosmo died on Sonic X?

Yeah she did die and I think it's because she sacrificed herself to save the universe. To be more specific, she fused herself with Dark Oak, then Tails himself had to fire the Sonic Power Cannon at her, which he had A LOT of trouble doing.

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Who does cosmo like?

Cosmo likes tails the fox.

What is cosmo?

Cosmo is a plant that Tails maded. Tails luvs Cosmo and Cosmo luvs Tails.Letter Cosmo die and Tails crys.thats sad no because cosmo has a mother who was killed by the meterex.but she is a plant

Does Cosmo like Tails?

He likes cream and always will correction tails loved cosmo and cosmo loved tails... but than cosmo died and than tails loved cream again

Does sonic like cosmo?

he likes her in friend but not as a girlfriend. that's cosmo+tails and sonic+sally. youtube lies. ;.

Is Tails and Cosmo more popular than Tails and Cream?

The popularity of character pairings can vary among fans. Tails and Cream may be more popular in some circles than Tails and Cosmo, but different fans may have different preferences based on their interactions and stories in the Sonic series.

Does tails have a girlfriend?

Tails use to have a girlfriend called cosmo but she died, so no he doesnt have one Cosmo wasn't his girlfriend the potion made Cosmo and Tails in love but since Cosmo died he has to move on and go with Amy since he liked her first before he met Cosmo but Cosmo liked Tails Tails really likes Cosmo as a friend the potion just made Tails "love" Cosmo, those 2 aren't really in love but Cosmo really loves Tails

Does Amy like Tails?

i seriously do not think he does. i think he likes cosmo better to tell u the truth. He doesnt he likes Cosmo WAY! better then Amy

Does Tails love Casmo?

yes tails does love cosmo

Does tails like cream the rabbit?

Tails likes cream and cosmo! I prefer cream thoe. cream likes tails as a friend nothing else.

In the Japanese version of sonic x does cosmo ever kiss tails?

yes cosmo kiss tails when the world is in the hands of dr.eggman when cosmo says to shoot tails shoot and everything goes bright and the world is save and at the end cosmo spirit comes and kisses tails also in episode 65 when vector kicked the disco ball tails saved her and when tails fell on top of her they accidentally kissed

Is tails in love?

Eather cream or Cosmo between the two I say Cosmo

Who is Tails in love with?

he has a crush on Marine and Cosmo but can't date either of them cause tails is 8,Marine is 11 and Cosmo is 10