Does tails like cream the rabbit?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Tails likes cream and cosmo! I prefer cream thoe.

cream likes tails as a friend nothing else.

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Q: Does tails like cream the rabbit?
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Who does cream like?

Cream the Rabbit likes Tails the Fox! ;) (By Keolon)

Does cream the rabbit like miles tails prower?

Just as a friend.

Does cream the rabbit love tails?


What is the name of cream the rabbit's boyfriend?

she dosse not have a boyfriend

Who is Cream the Rabbit's lover and boyfriend?

Strike The Teddy Bear

Who loves sonic and tails?

Easy it is Amy Rose and Cream The Rabbit

Who loves cream the rabbit?

Though he like cosmo by the end of the show. It has not been confermed if he falls in love with cream, in the show, or games. Cream likes tails as a friend and tails likes cream as a friend they both look out 4 eachother cuz der close friends........

Is Tails and Cosmo more popular than Tails and Cream?

Tails and Cosmo is more popular than Tails and Cream. Lots of people used to like Tails and Cream until they saw Tails and Cosmo.

What does Cream the Rabbit look like?

Well before Tails had a crush on Cream and Cream seemed like she liked Tails the same way, when Cosmo arrived Cosmo started to like Tails but Tails only liked Cosmo as a friend that time, but when Amy made the love potion which was meant for her and Sonic, Tails and Cosmo accidentally got in instead making them being together forever. And since Cream is a very polite and nice girl she wanted to support Cosmo with her and Tails being together, but since Cosmo died to save them Tails has to move on and be with Cream THIS IS ALL WRONG. Acually Cream liking Tails never happened but acually Tails did like Cosmo even without the love posion it just increased the love but no Tails never liked Cream and Cream never liked Tails these are fan couple. Never in the books nor the games does Tails like anybody but Fiona and Cosmo but Cream is a popular Fan idea.

Who is tails?

Tails is a two tail fox who is friends with Sonic the Hedgehog. He can fly by spinning he's tails around he is in many of the sonic games. Tails is only 8 and he likes Cream the Rabbit

Do tails and cream like each other?

Tails and Cream are characters in the Sonic series. There is nothing to suggest that they do not like each other.

Why does Cream the rabbit cry so much?

Cream the rabbit cries so much 'cause she's a stupid, idiotic wimp. So I want to kill Cream the rabbit and cook her for Tails the fox's dinner or feed her to Eggman or a Shark.