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This might be a spoiler, but Sasuke kills Danzo because him and the other elders around the third hokages. People ordered itachi to kill the uchiha clan. Itachi was only staying loyal to the leaf village, but he left Sasuke alive and told the hidden leaf to keep him safe.

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He wanted to kill Sasuke because Sasuke killed Orochimaru, the one Deidara wanted to kill. He also wanted to eliminate the Uchiha (Sasuke being a member of the Uchiha Clan) because of the kekkai genkai some of them posessed, the sharingan eye, a dojutsu Deidara hated most.

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He approved and sent itachi to the uchiha massecre.

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Q: Why does Sasuke want to kill danzo?
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What in danzo secret mission?

Danzo wants to kill sasuke but Sasuke is stronger than him

Does Sasuke kill tsunade?

No sasuke doesn't kill Tsunade but Danzo almost killed her.

Who killed Karen?

sasuke..he sacrifices Karen to kill danzo

How did Sasuke broked karins heart?

Danzo shielded himself with Karin attempting to threaten Sasuke but Sasuke cut through Karin to kill Danzo with his lightning sword thingy (forgot the name).

Did Sasuke tried to kill karin soon?

i dont think so... he wanted to kill danzo so much that when he took her hostage, he killed her and Danzo

Did Sasuke kill danzou?

yes, in the shonen jump manga sasuke did kill danzo but it still hasn't come on the tv show yet

Who is stronger Sasuke or danzo?


Who won between sauske danzo?

Sasuke did because danzo grabed Karin and Sasuke killed them both 8-)

Does Sasuke kill Naruto inshippuden last fight?

Uhm, Naruto and Sasuke are still alive so I'm going to have to say no. But, manga has sasuke killing danzo and everyone in the manga is saying that they're going to have to kill sasuke. so i suggest you read the manga. if you don't want to buy it then go this helps! lol

Will Sasuke win danzou?

Yes, Sasuke kills Danzo for revenge.

Did sakura try to kill Sasuke?

yes in naruto shippuden sakura was trying to stop sasuke after he killed danzo and sasuke tried to kill sakura with a poisoned kunai

Who is the last person Sasuke fought?