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David Belafonte's birth name is David Michael Belafonte.

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Q: What is the birth name of David Belafonte?
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What is the birth name of Harry Belafonte?

Harry Belafonte's birth name is Harold George Belafonte Jr..

What is the birth name of Marguerite Belafonte?

Marguerite Belafonte's birth name is Frances Marguerite Byrd.

Stefan Belafonte any relation to Harry Belafonte?

No he does not have any relation to Harry Belafonte. There are 3 male heirs alive to legally carry the name Belafonte. Harry Belafonte and his son David Belafonte and David's young son. Mr. Belafonte's parents came up with and changed the last name to Belafonte and therefore the only people who have that last name are the direct descendents of Harry Belafonte's mother.

Stephen belafonte is he related to harry belafonte?

No Stephen Belafonte(real last name Stansbury) is not David's son. Stephen changed his last name to Velafonte after he hooked up with Mel B to cover up his shady past and to make people assume he was related to singer Harry Belafonte.

What children did Julie belafonte have with harry?

They had two children together, David and Gina Belafonte.

When was David Belafonte born?

David Belafonte was born on September 30, 1957, in New York City, New York, USA.

What is the birth name of David Was?

David Was's birth name is Weiss, David.

What is the birth name of Nico David?

Nico David's birth name is Nicolae David Hernandez.

What is the birth name of David Carmichael?

David Carmichael's birth name is David Andreas Manfred Carmichael.

What is the birth name of David Mansbach?

David Mansbach's birth name is Mansbach, David.

What is the birth name of David Lichine?

David Lichine's birth name is Lichtenstein, David.

What is the birth name of David Selman?

David Selman's birth name is David Solomon.