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Because The World Wrestling Federation had The Same Initials (wwf) As The World Wildlife Fund... The wildlife fund had the initals for Longer so the Wrestling Federation Had to Change There Name. As Sad As It was but before in the early 1990's they got limited use but the high popularity of wwf in the late 90's caused the sue

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Th World Wrestling Federation was renamed the World Wrestling Entertainment after losing a law suit to the World Wildlife Federation who had been using the name WWF since before the creation of the World Wrestling Federation

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For great entertainment for viewers. it is entertaining to watch and shows the wrestlers talent of their lives.

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Q: Why did vince McMahon change the wwf to the WWE?
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What was the WWE before the WWE?

Because Vince McMahon Sr. wanted it to WWF and then Vince McMahon didn't like it so he change it to WWE.

Will wwf comeback?

i vince mcmahon i boss of wwe i think wwf is 2014...

When did vince McMahon discover the WWE?

He bought the WWF from his father.

Who opened WWE and why wwf changed to WWE?

wwf changed to wwe because wwf stole the trademark of the World Wildlife Foundation(wwf) and changed the name due to issues in court

Is wwf is real or fake?

wwf is clearly fake. you can go on youtube andd check it out. [ i met vince McMahon andhe actually told me wwf/wwe is fake]

Is WWE the same as WWF?

Unless Vince McMahon brings it back as a show, no. WWE, Vince McMahon, owns the copyrights to WCW. He bought the company when they were going under. Nobody can use those letters or trademarks, except WWE.

Why did mr McMahon change wwf to WWE?

WWF (World Wrestling Federation)'s name had to be changed to WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) due to a lawsuit by the World Wildlife Fund for use of the initials WWF.

Who is the inventor of WWE?

WWE was founded as the Capitol Wrestling Corporation in 1952 by Roderick James "Jess" McMahon, and Joseph Raymond (Toots) Mondt. Jess McMahon died in 1954 and was succeeded by his son, Vince McMahon (Sr.) In 1963, Vince Sr. changed the name of the company to the World Wide Wrestling Federation. In 1969, Vince McMahon, Jr. joined the company as a commentator. Vince Jr changed the name of the company to World Wrestling Federation in 1979. In 1980, Vince Jr. became owner and Chairman of Titan Sports, Inc. and bought the WWF from his father, who would pass away in 1984. In 1999, the WWF went public, although Vince still holds almost 90% of all shares in the company, and in May 2002, the WWF becomes WWE.

What gave vince McMahon to start wwf?

He bought the company from his dad, and went from there.

When did vince McMahon admit to being wwf owner?

He has never denied being the owner!

Vince McMahon is most closely associated with what type of sports programming?

WWF Wrestling

Who created wwf?

Vincent Kennedy McMahon or Mr.McMahon created wwf he has always been the chairman. 80% sure. Actually it was Vince's grandfather that started the company, then vince's dad took over then Vince.